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Albums by this artist:

Goodbye Dreaming Fields
Before the Hurricane
She Rings The Changes
The Greatest Living Englishman
We'll Build a House
Christmas in Suburbia
The Jangling Man
Home Counties Boy
A Street Called Prospect
Straight to You Boy
Gamma Ray Blue
The Green-Gold Girl Of The Summer
Julie Profumo
An Englishman's Home
Sun Comes to the Wood
Late Night
Soul Monday
Winter Palace 2
Golden Lane
Stars Are Cold
Heroin Clones
Arcadian Boys
Wake Up and Dream
Ghost of Jenni Rainbyrd
I will Haunt your Room
Another Sunny Day
The World Of Dandy Leigh
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
English Electric
Call Me Michael Moonlight
When The Damsons Are Down
Goodnight Country Girl
The Girls In The Flat Upstairs
Lions Drunk On Sunlight
The Blue Beret
She Was Never Drowning
Sunken City
Queen Phyllis Of Colchester
Former Phonebox Vandal
St. Overdose-on-Sea
Saturday Games
All The Lights In This House
Dear Wesley
Secret Stations
Shabby Heart
Wake Up And Smell The Offy
Miss Van Houten's Coffee Shop
Miss Van Houten's Coffee Shoppe
Jangling Man