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Albums by this artist:

Solo Dance
All I Wanna Do
At Least I Had Fun
Night After Night - Radio Edit
16 Steps
Somebody I'm Not
Running Back To You
Solo Dance - Acoustic Mix
Carry On
I Could Get Used To This
Can't Come To The Phone
Make My Mind Go (with Jonasu)
Pull Up
Solo Dance - Club Mix
One Day
Somebody I'm Not - Cahill Edit
So Sick (feat. blackbear) [Martin Jensen Remix]
Solo Dance - Acoustic
Wait (feat. Loote)
Miracles (feat. Bjørnskov)
Miracles - Charlie Who Remix
Carry On - Cat Dealers Remix
Carry On - MÖWE Remix
Nobody - Alle Farben Remix
16 Steps - Club Edit
Solo Dance - Anton Powers Radio Edit
Solo Dance - M-22 Radio Edit
Solo Dance (Acoustic Mix)
Sí - Radio Edit
Sí (Put Your Hands Up) - Vocal Edit
Wait - VIP Mix
Night After Night
Make My Mind Go
Night After Night (Radio Edit)
Miracles (feat. Bjørnskov) - Charlie Who Remix
Sí (Put Your Hands Up) - Extended Vocal Edit
Criminal Minds
Nobody - Xanti Remix