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Albums by this artist:

In the Name of Love
Scared To Be Lonely
There For You
Summer Days (feat. Macklemore & Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy)
Ocean (feat. Khalid)
Don't Look Down
Animals - Original Mix
Animals (Radio Edit)
High On Life (feat. Bonn)
Pressure (feat. Tove Lo)
So Far Away
No Sleep (feat. Bonn)
Drown (feat. Clinton Kane)
Used To Love (with Dean Lewis)
Forbidden Voices - Original Mix
The Only Way Is Up
Wizard - Radio Edit
Animals (original mix)
So Far Away (feat. Jamie Scott & Romy Dya)
Higher Ground (feat. John Martin)
Burn Out (feat. Dewain Whitmore)
Break Through The Silence - Radio Edit
Virus (How About Now)
Home (feat. Bonn)
Forbidden Voices
Scared to Be Lonely - Acoustic Version
Don't Look Down (feat. Usher)
Waiting For Tomorrow (feat. Mike Shinoda)
Now That I've Found You (feat. John & Michel)
These Are The Times (feat. JRM)
We Are The People (feat. Bono & The Edge) - Official UEFA EURO 2020 Song
Hold On (feat. Michel Zitron)
Mistaken (feat. Alex Aris)
Lions in the Wild
Sun Is Never Going Down
Game Over
In The Name Of Love - DallasK Remix
Scared To Be Lonely (Acoustic Version)
Animals - Radio Edit