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The Sun Turns Black As Night
The Funeral Seemed To Be Endless
Darkness Breeds Immortality
A Sculpture of the Night
Untrodden Paths (Wolves Part II)
The Sun Has Failed
Earth AD
Beyond the Grace of God
Black Tormentor / Shadow of Our Infernal King
Infernal Eternal / Towards the Land of the Damned
Todeskessel Kurland
Paint It Black
Baptism by Fire (live)
Funeral Bitch (live)
Dracole Wayda (live)
Sulphur Souls
Materialized in Stone
Opus Nocturne
Autumnal Reaper
Panzer Division Marduk (Hamburg, Germany, 1999)
Burn My Coffin (Hamburg, Germany, 1999)
Baptism by Fire (Hamburg, Germany, 1999)
The Sun Turns Black as Night (Hamburg, Germany, 1999)
Wolves (Norrkoping, Sweden, 1993)
Holy Inquisition (Norrkoping, Sweden, 1993)
Still Fucking Dead (Krokek, Sweden, 1992)
Within the Abyss (Krokek, Sweden, 1992)
Dark Endless (Hengelo, Holland, 1997)
The Sun Has Failed (Heidenheim, Germany, 1995)
Burn My Coffin (Lossnitz, Germany, 1994)
Materialized in Stone (Bradford, England, 1996)
The Blackā€¦ (Dynamo Open Air, Holland, 1999)
Azrael (San Francisco, USA, 2001)
Beyond the Grace of God (San Francisco, USA, 2001)
Those of the Unlight (Essen, Germany, 1999)
Sulphur Souls (Essen, Germany, 1999)