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Albums by this artist:

Black Heart
In My Room
Catch a Fallen Star
The Animal In You
My Former Self
First Time
A Million Manias
(Your Love Is a) Lesion
Caroline Says
Big Louise
Empty Eyes
My Little Book of Sorrows
If You Go Away
The Untouchable One
Beat Out That Rhythm on a Drum
Twilights + Lowlifes
Blood Wedding
Gloomy Sunday
Blood Wedding (Traditional Spanish)
You'll Never See Me on a Sunday
Fun City - 2016 Edit
Sleaze - Readers Wifes Club Edit
Medley: Narcissus/Gloomy Sunday/Vision
Twilights + Lowlifes (Street Walking Soundtrack)
The Untouchable One / Blood Wedding
Medley: Narcissus, Gloomy Sunday, Vision
Your Love Is a Lesion
Sleaze (Readers Wifes Club Edit)
You Never See Me On A Sunday
Medley - Narcissus,Gloomy Sunday,Vision
Fun City (2016 Edit)
Sleaze (Take It, Shake It)
Twilights & Lowlifes (Street Walking Soundtrack)
Medley: Narcissus / Gloomy Sunday / Vision