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Albums by this artist:

20th Century Boy
Children Of The Revolution
Cat Black
The Wizard
Hippy Gumbo
The Third Degree
Get It on
Metal Guru
Eastern Spell
Telegram Sam
Mustang Ford
You Scare Me to Death
I Love To Boogie
Cosmic Dancer
Get It On - BBC Live - 20/07/1971
Beyond the Risin' Sun
Hot Love
Life Is Strange
Jasper C. Debussy
Teenage Dream
Cosmic Dancer - K.Day Radio, Los Angeles, 15th Feb. 1972
The Perfumed Garden of Gulliver Smith
Spaceball Ricochet
The Lilac Hand of Menthol Dan
Black and White Incident
One Inch Rock
San Francisco Poet
Ride A White Swan - BBC Live/ Top Gear/ London, 1970
Ride a White Swan
Jasmine '49
Solid Gold Easy Action
I'm Weird
You've Got the Power
Born To Boogie
Main Man
Baby Strange
Life's A Gas - BBC Live - Bob Harris 03/08/71
Elemental Child
You Got the Power
Pictures of Purple People
Jeepster - BBC Live - 20/07/1971
Jitterbug Love
The Groover
Beltane Walk - BBC Live - Radio 1 Club 9/3/71