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Albums by this artist:

Kings of Metal
Hail and Kill
Warriors of the World United
Fighting the World
Battle Hymn
Kingdom Come
The Gods Made Heavy Metal
Heart of Steel
Black Wind, Fire and Steel
Metal Warriors
Call to Arms
Return Of The Warlord
Carry On
Metal Daze
Blow Your Speakers
Wheels of Fire
Master of the Wind
Blood of the Kings
Number 1
Hand of Doom
The Power
Swords in the Wind
Sting of the Bumblebee
Fight Until We Die
Death Tone
Fast Taker
Dark Avenger
The Fight for Freedom
Nessun Dorma
House of Death
Shell Shock
Sign Of The Hammer
My Spirit Lives On
William's Tale
The Crown and the Ring
King of Kings
Pleasure Slave
Today Is A Good Day To Die
Holy War
An American Trilogy
Die for Metal
The Demon's Whip
The Warriors Prayer
Kill With Power