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Albums by this artist:

Bath Time
Romanescan Rout
La Grande Piece de la Foire de la Rue Delaware
bbc2 serial
hurdy gurdy
The Sea Devils (From "The Sea Devils")
The Unseeing Eye
March of the Cybermen (from "Earthshock")
The Milonga
Believe it or Not
The Comet Is Coming
The Secret Of Life (Cracking The Code)
The sea devils
The Twin Dilemma Suite (From "The Twin Dilemma")
Resurrection of the Daleks Suite (From "Resurrection of the Daleks")
Resurrection of the daleks
March of the Cybermen
Terror of the Vervoids (From "The Trial of a Time Lord")
La Grande Pièce de le Foire de la Rue Delaware
The Master
The Prison
The Naval Base
The Sea Devil
The Submarine
The Sea Fort
The Doctor And Jo On The Run
Devil Underwater
The Master At Large
Air-Conditioning Problem
Attack In Force
The Master's Plan
Rock Bottom
The Beach
The Sea Devils Take The Prison
Jo Frees The Doctor
The Sea Devils (Stereo Sute)
The Diving-Bell
Ventilation Shaft
Sea Chase
Greece - Taverna
Requiem (from ''Earthshock'')
La Grande Pièce de la Foire de la Rue Delaware
Subterranean Caves (from ''Earthshock'')
The Submarine [the Sea Devils]