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Albums by this artist:

Baby Baby Baby
Baby Baby Baby (Radio Edit)
Baby Baby Baby - Radio Edit
Kill Me - Radio Edit
Tchiki Tchiki Tchiki
Broken Toy Boy
My Name Is Breezy
Baby Baby Baby (We Are Terrorists Remix)
Baby Baby Baby (Original Mix)
Baby Baby Baby (No Kiss With Gloss Remix)
Wall of Death
Hair Addiction
Kill Me - Original Mix
Better Under Water
Baby Baby Baby (The Shoppings Version)
Interlude: Sparkling Clarence
Baby Baby Baby ( radio edit )
Baby Baby Baby (Designer Drugs Remix)
Kill Me (Audrey Katz Remix)
Kill Me - Toxic Avenger Remix
Interlude: Sleeping Daisy
Kill Me (Original Mix)
Dancing in Nowhere
Kill Me (Radio Edit)
Tchiki Tchiki Tchiki - Original Version
Sleeping Daisy
The Sand / The Shivers
Kill Me (Toxic Avenger Remix)
Kill Me (The Toxic Avenger Remix)
Coachella ma Pute
Baby Baby Baby - Designer Drugs Remix
Wall of Death (feat. Solange La Frange)
Wall of Death - Cyberpunkers Remix
Wall Of Death (Cyberpunkers remix)
Chupa ( Radio Edit )
Wall Of Death (feat. Solange La Frange) (Cyberpunkers Remix)
Ulysses ( Make The Girl Dance Remix )
South ( def mix )
Your Spring
Tchiki Tchiki Tchiki, Pt. 1