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Albums by this artist:

Female Intuition
Body and Soul
What Goes On
Am I Losing You Forever
History '92 (Radio Mix)
History (12" Extended Mix)
Turn Your Love Around
1 Touch 2 Much
Body & Soul
The Rhythm Of The Street
Fight Fire With Fire
Female Intuiton
Bet That's What You Say
Never Never
History (Rutger Kroese 12" Version)
The Rules Of Love
History - 12" Extended Mix
What, Where, When, Who (12" Version)
What, Where, When, Who
You Control Me
Never Never (Long Version)
History - Radio Edit
Female Intuition (Intuition Mix)
History (Special Dance Mix)
History '92
Beat Of My Heart
Too Much Of Nothing
Kronenburg Park
What Goes On (special Dance Mix)
Body & Soul (Extended Remix)
Inch By Inch
System Work
Our Love is History
Turn Your Love Around (12" Extended Mix)
History '92 (Club Mix)
History '95
Turn Your Love Around - Turnaround Mix
History (Rutger Kroese 12' Version)
History (Radio Edit)
History '95 (Radio Edit)
Turn Your Love Around (Turnaround Mix)
Mai Tai-History
1 Touch 2 Much (Extended Dance Mix By Ben Liebrand)
Mai Tai - History