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Albums by this artist:

Female Intuition
Body and Soul
What Goes On
Am I Losing You Forever
History '92 (Radio Mix)
History (12" Extended Mix)
Turn Your Love Around
1 Touch 2 Much
Body & Soul
The Rhythm Of The Street
Fight Fire With Fire
Female Intuiton
Bet That's What You Say
Never Never
History (Rutger Kroese 12" Version)
The Rules Of Love
History - 12" Extended Mix
What, Where, When, Who (12" Version)
What, Where, When, Who
You Control Me
Never Never (Long Version)
History - Radio Edit
Female Intuition (Intuition Mix)
History (Special Dance Mix)
System Work
Beat Of My Heart
Turn Your Love Around - Turnaround Mix
History '92
Too Much Of Nothing
Kronenburg Park
What Goes On (special Dance Mix)
Inch By Inch
Body & Soul (Extended Remix)
Our Love is History
History '92 (Club Mix)
History '95
Turn Your Love Around (12" Extended Mix)
Hold Me (Like You Used to Do)
History (Rutger Kroese 12' Version)
History (Radio Edit)
History '95 (Radio Edit)
Turn Your Love Around (Turnaround Mix)
Mai Tai-History
1 Touch 2 Much (Extended Dance Mix By Ben Liebrand)