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Albums by this artist:

Sweet Like Poison
Like a Rose
A Season in Hell
Full Moon
The Vampire
Nothing But Right Now
Down the Road
Prelude To The Season
Coldest Winter
Evening Harmony
Endless Summer Rain
Alchemy Of Pain
Lapidis Lazuli
Born to Lose
City Lights
Turn Back Time - NBRN Remix
Last Time (End Of The Season)
Boys in Bloom
Canção Do Desassossego
I Want to Go Home
The Vampire - Halloween Remix
So Be It
I Put a Spell on You
The Slasher
The Prologue
The Hunting
The Vampire - Bite Me Baby Remix
Every Night Is Halloween
I'm So Sorry (Heavier Version)
In Joy and Sorrow
Full Moon - Chrominance Remix
Time Regained
Prelude to the Rain
Boys in Bloom - Rock Beat Mix
Bubbly Drunk
Nothing but Right Now - Remastered
#Tbt - Bonus Track
No Way Out
Nothing but Right Now - Extended Version
Nothing but Right Now - Instrumental
Damned Birds
Lost My Faith
Dance Your Pain Away - EDM Remix
Homesick - Acoustic
Stoned Song - Remix
Boys in Bloom - Def Space Dub Mix