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Albums by this artist:

No Talk Without the Giant
Back From The Days
Circus Of Fools
Dream & Religion
Ghost of the Seasons
The Traitor
Where I Stand
Daytime Theatre
From Sunrise To Sunset
The Shadow Gallery
Border of the Real World
Dying Without a Name
Doors of Resurrection
The Cardinal Point
Silver Dreams
Against the Freaks
The Gift
The Beginning of the End
Man in Chains
Betrayed By Angels
Scars & Wounds
Men Inside The Machine
Aces High
Enjoy Insanity
The Slave Trade
Eye Of The Truth
'Til The End Of Her Days
Freak (Bruce Dickinson Cover)
Aces High (Iron Maiden Cover)
Eye Of The Truth (Bonus Track)
Freak (Bruce Dickinson)
Enjoy Insanity (Bonus Track)
The Slave Trade (Bonus Track)
Dream & Religion (Industrial version)
Aces High (Bonus Track)
Aces High (Iron Maiden cover) (Bonus Track)
october (acoustic version)
Failed Trick
Freak - cover version
Dark Side
Fire In The Sky
Lord of Life
01- Falling
Flight of Souls