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Albums by this artist:

Rocket into the Future
Slipping Into Mystery
Sound Perception
A Mess These Days
Soul Hip Hop
Microphone City
The Beat Influence
Mance Daster
The Skies Don't Lie! (But I Does)
The Power of Flight
Reigning Fire
Quick Break (Don't Be A Gangster)
Straight to Heaven
I Got One Thing
Forbidden Blues
Mo Saol
Referent Power
When Microphones Attack
J6 on The Rising Sun
MC Cullah's Dream
Ninety Six
My Dignity
Behemothian Rhapsody
Mutha Fuckin' Troglodytes
The Masterful
Running Woman
A Man With A Golden Soul
Slim "Jimminy" Jim
Blazing Day
Old Western Firefight
Gas Station Robbery
Wander and Ramble
Forty Eight
Port Mento Ahead!
A Dangerous Game
Bit by Bit
Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein
Italian Singing Hip Hop
Soul Challenger
Master of the Universe
Quite the Choir
A Little Hippity Hoppity
Break The Sun
Drums of War to Drums of Peace
Yea Yea Yea
Sweet as Pie