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Albums by this artist:

Rude (Acoustic)
No Way No
Rude - Zedd Remix
Let Your Hair Down
Don't Kill the Magic
Red Dress
Lay You Down Easy
No Evil
One Woman One Man
Stupid Me
Mama Didn't Raise No Fool
How Do You Want to Be Remembered
Little Girl Big World
No Regrets
Kiss Me
Rude (Zedd Remix)
Darts In The Dark
This Is Our Time (Agora é a nossa hora)
Lay You Down Easy (feat. Sean Paul)
More of You
Red Dress - FTampa Remix
Darts In The Dark - FTampa Remix
Rude - Zedd Extended Remix
Have It All
Rude - Acoustic Session - Miami
Dance Monkey
Primary Colours
I Need You
No Sleep
No Way No - Acoustic Session - Miami
No Way No - Native Wayne Jobson and Barry O'Hare Remix
The Way God Made Me
Appreciate You
Let Your Hair Down - Acoustic Session - Miami
No Evil - Acoustic Session - Miami
Rude (Zedd Extended Remix)
When The Trust Is Gone
A Little Bit Of Love
How You Remember Me
Things You Say
Eyes Don't Tell Lies (Interlude)
Space (Interlude)
Rude - Acoustic Session: Miami