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Albums by this artist:

Final Song
Don't Wanna Dance
XXX 88 (feat. Diplo)
Say You'll Be There
Never Wanna Know
Waste of Time
Fire Rides
Nights With You
Walk This Way
Slow Love
Red in the Grey
Dust Is Gone
Sun In Our Eyes
No Mythologies to Follow
The Sea
Dummy Head
Gone and Found
Way Down
When I Was Young
Blur (feat. Foster The People)
Dark Night
Freedom (#1)
Walk This Way - Alle Farben Remix
Imaginary Friend
New Year's Eve
Fire Rides - Night Version
Theme Song (I'm Far Away)
I Want You
Dust Is Gone - Night Version
Pilgrim - MS MR Remix
Nights With You - Cheat Codes Remix
Slow Love - Night Version
The Sea - Night Version
If It's Over (feat. Charli XCX)
Beautiful Wreck
Red Wine (feat. Empress Of)
Walk This Way - Kant Remix (Club Version)
Sun In Our Eyes - Don Diablo Remix
Mercy (feat. What So Not & Two Feet)
Fire Rides (Night Version)
The Sea (Night Version)
Turn My Heart to Stone
Final Song - Diplo & Jauz Remix