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Albums by this artist:

I Follow Rivers
Little Bit
I'm Good, I'm Gone
Get Some
Let It Fall
I Follow Rivers - The Magician Remix
Melodies & Desires
Breaking It Up
Dance, Dance, Dance
Youth Knows No Pain
Love Out of Lust
Hanging High
No Rest for the Wicked
Dance Dance Dance
Time Flies
This Trumpet in My Head
Sadness Is a Blessing
Complaint Department
I Know Places
Window Blues
Unrequited Love
Rich Kids Blues
My Love
Silent My Song
I Never Learn
Everybody but Me
I Follow Rivers (The Magician remix)
Just Like a Dream
Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone
Never Gonna Love Again
Sleeping Alone
Silver Line
sex money feelings die
Heart of Steel
Deep End
Hard Rain
No One Ever Loved
so sad so sexy
Last Piece
better alone
two nights
jaguars in the air
bad woman
Unchained Melody