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Fight Fire With Fire
Graced by fire
Rebel souls
On The Wings Of The Emperor
The voyager
Christ Dethroned
The Manifest
Become or be gone
Destroying by will
The apostate
Satan's Gift (The Crown of Thorns)
New world to see
Hymns of Immortals
Hymns of the Immortals
Chemical Warfare
Bramy Żądz
Circle of the tyrants
Blasphemer (Sodom cover)
Satans Gift
Black Funeral
Circle Of The Tyrants (Celtic Frost Cover)
Satan's gift ( the crown of thorns )
Satan's Gift
Fight Fire With Fire (Cover Version)
Fight Fire With Fire (Metallica cover)
Fight Fire With Fire [Metallica Cover]
Brainstorm (Morbid Angel Cover)
Chemical Warfare (Slayer Cover)
Fight fire with fire (metallica)
Circle of the Tyrants [Celtic Frost Cover]
Satan`s Gift (The Crown Of Thorns)
Black Funeral (Mercyful Fate Cover)
Brainstorm [Morbid Angel Cover]
Chemical Warfare [Slayer Cover]
Satan's Gift (The Crown of Tho
The Apostate (I: Under The Eyes Of Serpents, II: Transcendental Fusion, III: Gods Bring You Away From Yourself, IV: A Strain From Depths, V: The Force Dwells Within, VI: And All The Waste Will Fade)
[2003 The Apostate] - 02. The Apostate
Rebel Souls (The Demon Of 1994)
The Apostate: Under the Eyes of Serpents/Transcendental Fusion/Gods ...
[2003 The Apostate] - 05. New World To See
[2003 The Apostate] - 04. Destroying By Will
[2003 The Apostate] - 01. Intro
[2003 The Apostate] - 03. Become Or Be Gone
[1994 Demonication (The Manifest)] - 02. On The Wings Of The Emperor
[1994 Demonication (The Manifest)] - 01. Intro
Satan's Gift (The Crown Of Thorns) (The Demon Of 1994)
[1994 Demonication (The Manifest)] - 03. Graced By Fire