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Albums by this artist:

Ganga Lee
Bogus Badge
The Uprising
If A No so
You Alone Jah
Tune In
Don't Get Weary
Revolution Song
Love That Land
Dem No Know That
Chant Nyabingi
No Gal
Culture for 17 (feat. Lord Apex & Lava La Rue)
Free Flow Information
Old Before Young
Chant Nyabingi Instrumental
World Police
Concrete Jungle Rock
Jah Is The Way Out
Guard You Yard
Rudie Don't Care
No Watch Man
Herb Spice and Roots
Donkey Back
If We No Love
Spong and Spang Dem
Ganga Lee Jungle Mix (remixed by Stone Love)
Hang On Tight
Your Name A Call
Fire Bun
freeman boat
Do Something
Big and Bold
Tell Her Fi Move
Rock Me
Ganga Lee - Stretch Remix
Rise And Shine Again
Ganga Lee Jungle Mix
How Comes
Ganga Lee Jungle Mix (Stone Love Remix) - Stone Love Remix
Let Not My Enemies
Foundation From Birth
Gun Gun
main focus