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Albums by this artist:

Subject to Spirit
Sublime Dementia
Darkness Will Abide
Frozen Moments Between Life and Death
Turn the Scales
A Bloody Oath
About Solitude
Cross the Threshold
Fire and Ice
Emptiness Crushes My Soul
Wisdom... (Farther On)
Outlet for Conscience
My Last Journey
In Perpetual Motion
Steering for Paradise
Bow Down
After Thy Thought
Soothing Torments
Fatal Attraction
Cold Blooded Kind
Ascending Straight in Circles
The Bitter Seed
Never Endin' Blast
Malignant Growth
From Dried Bones
Towards Oneness
Abstract God
Nosce te ipsum
Taste Me
Disquieting Beliefs
The Horror Within
Dusk to Dawn
No Tears to Share
The Void
I Reach the Sun
To Bury an Empire
Wrapped In Roses
Hazardous Magic
Shaped Images Of Disincarnate Spirits
Arrive into Death Soon
From Beyond
The Path
Visions of Your Fate
The Serpent's Circle
Infinite Pleasures