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I'm In the Mood for Ska
I'm In The Mood For Love
Iron Bar
You Belong To My Heart
Come Down
A Dash of the Sunshine
If You Were Mine
Mattie Rag (aka Ol' Matilda)
Rainy Night In Georgia
I'm In The Mood For Ska (aka I’m In The Mood For Love)
Keep on moving
Come Down (Pomps And Pride)
Taller Than You Are
Mattie Rag (A.K.A. Ol' Matilda)
I had a dream
im in the mood for ska
I'm In the Mood for Ska (A.k.A. I’m In the Mood For Love)
Mother's Choice
Dash Of The Sunshine
I Am Holding On
In the mood for ska
Got To Have You Baby
Downtown Gal
I Love You Truly
Jamaica Farewell
Island In The Sun
Big trombone
You'll Never Know
A Mother's Love
Yellow Bird
(Let Me) Dance With You
Mother's love
Mothers Choice
If You Were Only Mine
Friends Will Let You Down
My Sweet Jamaica
Out of this big world
Hard Man Fe Dead
Come dung
Sweet Dreaming
Ol' Fowl
Best place in the world
China Man [from Montego Bay]
Shame And Scandal (in The Family)
I'm In the Mood for Ska (a.k.a. I'm In the Mood for Love)
I´m in the modd for Ska
Mattie Rag [aka Ol' Matilda]
Wicked Woman
Shame And Scandal [in The Family]