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Albums by this artist:

London Is The Place For Me
Love In the Cemetery
Dr. Kitch
Birth Of Ghana
Jamaica Woman
My Wife's Nightie
The Underground Train
My Landlady
Kitch You're So Sweet
Neighbour, Neighbour
Sweet Jamaica
Kitch In The Jungle
Sugar Bum Bum
Doctor Kitch
Saxaphone No. 2
Dr Kitch
Kitch's Bebop Calypso
If You're Not White You're Black
Kitch, You So Sweet
No Melda
Drink a Rum
The Road
Steel Band Music
Is Trouble
Alphonso In Town
Lenoir's Well
Smoke a Cigarette
Sour Apple
Black Pudding
Rock N Roll Calypso
Piccadilly Folk
Jamaican Woman
Kitch You So Sweet
If You're Brown
When a Man Is Poor
Kitch's Bebop Of Calypso
Ah Bernice
Christmas Greetings
Romance On the Queen Mary
Marjorie's Flirtation
Easter in Trinidad
Cat Party in the Sky
Red Head
Wife and Mother
Cricket Umpires
Don't Touch Him