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Albums by this artist:

The Night We Met
Ends of the Earth
Time To Run
Fool For Love
The Night We Met (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
She Lit A Fire
Lonesome Dreams
Meet Me in the Woods
The Stranger
The Ghost On The Shore
When the Night is Over
I Will Be Back One Day
Love Like Ghosts
The World Ender
Wait By The River
The Man Who Lives Forever
In The Wind
Until the Night Turns
Harvest Moon - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC
La Belle Fleur Sauvage
The Yawning Grave
Frozen Pines
Dead Man's Hand
Way Out There
When Will I See You Again
Son of a Gun
Vide Noir
Hurricane (Johnnie's Theme)
Ancient Names (Part I)
We Went Wild
Into The Sun
Lost in Time and Space
Never Ever
The Problem With Your Daughter
Secret of Life
Ancient Names (Part II)
Back From the Edge
Hurricane (Johnnie’s Theme)
The Balancer's Eye
Emerald Star
Brother (Last Ride)
Last Night You Were A Dream
When the Night is Over - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC
The Birds Are Singing At Night