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On The Streets Again
Win or Lose
1970's Boy
By Your Love
I Fought The Law
Falling For You
Long time
Ain't Done Wrong
Please Can You Tell Me
If I was You
That's What I Want
Shine On Me
New Generation
All By Myself
She's All Mine
What's Going On
Can't Stop Moving
Steppin' Stone
Big Boss Man
First Cut Is The Deepest
It Hurts Me Too
By Your Love (version 1)
Perfect World
10th Floor
And That Ain't All
Give Your Loving To Me
This Town
I Know What Made Marvin Gay
By Your Love (Single Version)
By Your Love (version 2)
1970s Boy (Single Version)
Taking Time
By Your Love - Version 1
Anti Cnd
1970's Boy (Single Version)
Don't Try to Stop Me
Champagne Charlie (As Joe Public)
Forever On Your Own
Women And Trouble
Out of Reach
Centre of The Square
Killing Me Killing You
1970s Boy - Single Version
The Stumble (King)