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Albums by this artist:

Wax & Wire
Wax and Wire
Elephants & Little Girls
Blue Lead Fences
I Love Me
Ghost of an earthworm
Your Eyes
Blood Bank
Night Bats
Water Bells
Earth Has Moved Again
virgin mountain
Water in Astoria
Spine (MMIX)
Egg Song
Alice Left With Stockings and Earrings
A Field Report
Scabs on This Year
Carl Sagan
Kicking With Your Feet
The Wedding
Tiny Steps
Northern, Knees, Trees, and Lights
Spray Painted Drum
All Your Friends Are Smiling
bird and a bear (i am the bird)
nelson family
Stripe II
The Mountain
The Way
A Warning (All Your Friends Are Smiling)
Grandad And Toothache
10,000 Ships
Mother's Turned to Salt
Inventing You
Trumpet Song
The Trumpet Song
White Dresses
Little Boxes
Black Dresses
10,000 Lakes
Knuf Sirhc
Elephants and Little Girls
Field Report