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Albums by this artist:

The Way You Do It
Whatever You Say
For You
Shorty On The Lookout
So Fabulous
The Getup
Love Joint Revisited
The Yo-Yo
Make Me Hot
The Listening
Away From Me
Nobody But You
Lovin' It (feat. Joe Scudda)
Nighttime Maneuvers
The Becoming
Beautiful Morning
Groupie Pt. 2
Say It Again
Watch Me
Still Lives Through
Sincerely Yours
Slow It Down
Not Enough
Roy Lee, Producer Extraordinaire
Hiding Place
All for You
I See Now
Curtain Call
What You Do
Never Leave
Diary of a Mad Black Daddy (skit)
Good Clothes
Tigallo For Dolo
Black Magic (Make It Better)
Lovin' It [Feat. Joe Scudda]
Cool as a Fan
The Pressure
When Everything Is New
The Feel
Take It There
Can't Win For Losing
We Got Now