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Come on get higher
Ain't Love Crazy
Given Up, Giving Up
Falling Out Of Love
Dear Photograph
All I Care About Is You
I Won't Let It Happen
Hell's Yeah
She's so Hard to Please
Warrior (Ke$ha Cover)
Domino (Jessie J Cover)
Call My Name
Better Man
Friend Zone
Given Up Giving Up (Live)
Got What It Takes to Love You
I Won't Let It Happen (Live)
All I Really Care About Is You (Live)
(Not So) Secret Track
Ain't Love Crazy (Acoustic)
Counting Cars
Little Heart
Come On Get Higher (Acoustic Version)
Don't Know What It Is (Acoustic Version)
Given Up, Giving Up (Acoustic Version)
Come On Get Higher (Acoustic)
Pumped Up Kicks
Given Up Giving Up (Live at Angel Studios)
If I Fell (The Beatles Cover)
Warrior (Cover)
Aint Love Crazy
Aint Love Crazy (Acoustic) [Clip]
Lilygreen & Maguire
Giving Up Giving Up (LSRadio Session)
Given up, giving up!
Call My Name (Cheryl Cover)
I Shall Be Released
Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
God Only Knows
Ain It Love Crazy
Domino (Cover)
Tonight I'm Getting Over You