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Albums by this artist:

Lessons in Love
Something About You
Running in the Family
It's Over
Something About You - Single Version
Love Games
Hot Water
Running In The Family - Single Version
Children Say
To Be with You Again
Heaven in My Hands
Leaving Me Now
The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)
The Chinese Way
Take a Look
The Chant Has Begun
Micro Kid
Take Care of Yourself
Dune Tune
World Machine
The Sun Goes Down
Leaving Me Now - Remix
Love Meeting Love
Forever Now
Love Games - Level Best Remix
Almost There
Physical Presence
Good Man In A Storm
Turn It On
The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) - 7" Mix
Mr. Pink
I Sleep On My Heart
Fashion Fever
Freedom Someday
It's Not The Same For Us
Lying Still
All over You
It's Over - Remix
Weave Your Spell
Kansas City Milkman
Leaving Me Now - Extended Version
Love Games - Edit Album Version
You Can't Blame Louis
Something About You (Single Version)