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I Like Me Better
i'm so tired...
The Other
There's No Way (feat. Julia Michaels)
Paris in the Rain
Chasing Fire
Easy Love
Getting Over You
Drugs & The Internet
fuck, i'm lonely (with Anne-Marie) - from “13 Reasons Why: Season 3”
Never Not
The Story Never Ends
Sad Forever
Come Back Home
Don't Matter - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC
I Like Me Better - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC
I Like Me Better - Ryan Riback Remix
The Other - Stripped
The Story Never Ends - Piano Version
The Other (Stripped)
Chasing Fire - Robin Schulz Remix
i'm so tired... - MNEK remix
i'm so tired... - Stripped - Live in LA
I Like Me Better - TRU Concept Remix
I Like Me Better - Cheat Codes Remix
The Story Never Ends (Piano Version)
There's No Way (feat. Julia Michaels) - Alle Farben Remix
Getting Over You - R3HAB Remix
There's No Way
There's No Way - Live from Box Fresh, London, 2018
Drugs & The Internet - CHVRCHES Remix
Question (feat. Travis Mills)
Reforget (Milk N Cooks Remix)
The Other - DallasK Remix
Easy Love - Dipha Barus Remix
The Other - Madison Mars Remix
The Other (Eden Prince Remix)
The Other - Eden Prince Remix
Chasing Fire - Stripped – Live in London
The Other - Shallou Remix
Reforget - Milk N Cooks Remix