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Albums by this artist:

Zombies on Your Lawn
Everything's Alright
Brainiac Maniac
Crazy Dave (Intro Theme)
Ultimate Battle
Uraniwa ni Zombies ga!
Graze the Roof
Zen Garden
Rigor Mormist
Everything's Alright (From "To the Moon")
Fushigina Forest [A Link to the Past]
Loonboon (IN-GAME)
Watery Graves - Fast Version
Watery Graves - Slow Version
Cube Land
Everything's Alright (Bonus Version)
Choose Your Seeds (In-Game)
Build a Little World with Me
Zombotany (Bonus Track)
Crazy Dave (In-Game)
Brainiac Maniac (In-Game)
Watery Graves (IN-GAME)
Watery Graves (slow)
Watery Graves (fast)
Zombotany (unreleased track)
Graze the Roof (IN-GAME)
Grasswalk (IN-GAME)
Ultimate Battle (IN-GAME)
Moongrains (IN-GAME)
Cerebrawl (IN-GAME)
Crazy Dave IN-GAME
Zen Garden (IN-GAME)
Rigor Mormist (IN-GAME)
Grasswalk IN-GAME
Loonboon IN-GAME
Choose Your Seeds IN-GAME
Ultimate Battle IN-GAME
Moongrains IN-GAME
Watery Graves IN-GAME
From the Ground Up
Brainiac Maniac IN-GAME
Zen Garden IN-GAME
Cerebrawl IN-GAME
Graze the Roof IN-GAME
Rigor Mormist IN-GAME