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Albums by this artist:

Tiger Tank
Danube Incident
Main Title
Cantata For Combo
Mission: Impossible
On the Way to San Mateo
Shifting Gears
The Aftermath of Love
Jim On The Move
Hotel Daniels
Lalo's Bossa Nova
Music To Interrogate By
The Wave
Mission: Impossible Theme
Bullitt (Main Title)
Ice Pick Mike
Theme From Enter The Dragon
On the way to San Matteo
Rapaz De Bem
Secret Code
Mission Impossible
Scorpio's View
Middle of the Night
Theme From Enter The Dragon (Main Title)
The First Snowfall
Theme From Enter the Dragon - Main Title
A Song For Cathy
Bullitt, Main Title - Movie Version
Bullitt (Main Title) [Movie Version]
Samba Para Dos
Bullitt (End Title)
Dirty Harry
The Human Fly
Prologue - The Swimming Pool
Chora Tua Tristeza
Bullitt, Main Title (Movie Version)
No More Lies, Girl
Lullaby for Jack
Harry's Hot Dog
The Man From Thrush
End Titles
The School Bus
End Credits
Song For Cathy
Samba de uma nota so