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Music To My Eyes
I'll Never Love Again (Film Version)
Diggin' My Grave
I Don't Know What Love Is
Shallow (Radio Edit)
I'll Never Love Again (Film Version - Radio Edit)
Always Remember Us This Way
I'll Never Love Again
Look What I Found
Why Did You Do That?
Is That Alright?
The Shallow (Live)
I'll Never Love Again (Extended Version)
Maybe It's Time
Shallow (From A Star Is Born Soundtrack)
I'll Never Love Again (From A Star Is Born Soundtrack)
Shallow (Alternative Editing with Different Takes)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Dialogue)
Parking Lot (Dialogue)
Scene 98 (Dialogue)
Trust Me (Dialogue)
Twelve Notes (Dialogue)
First Stop, Arizona (Dialogue)
Shallow (Lyrics)
I'll Wait For You (Dialogue)
A Star Is Born Soundtrack Album |REACTION|
Unbelievable (Dialogue)
Fabulous French (Dialogue)
Memphis (Dialogue)
Shallow (A star is Born) |REACTION|
Vows (Dialogue)
I Love You (Dialogue)
How Do You Hear It? (Dialogue)
Diggin My Grave
Shallow (Tradução) (Legendado)
Shallow (Oscars 2019)
Shallow - Radio Edit