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Albums by this artist:

The Slammer
This Sound is for the Underground
Ganja Man
The Licence (Doctor P Remix)
The License
The Licence - Doctor P Remix
The Licence (Break Remix)
Manic Stampede
The License (Break Remix)
Ganja Man (Total Science & S.P.Y Remix)
The Licence
This is The Sound for The Underground
This Sound Is For The Underground (E.5 Remix)
Manic Stampede (DJ Hype Remix)
Virtual Reality
The Licence - Break Remix
Ganja Man - Total Science & S.P.Y Remix
The Licence (Serial Killaz Remix)
The Licence - Serial Killaz Remix
Into the night
Ganja Man (Exclusive Dubplate Special)
This Sound Is For The Underground - E5 Remix
The Slammer (Nookie Remix)
studio one lik
Ganja Man (DJ Hype Remix)
Ganja Man - Serial Killaz Remix
The License - Breaks Remix
Ganja Man (Serial Killaz Remix)
Manic Stampede (DJ Hype's Sandringham Road Mix)
Studio 1 Lik
Final Destination
Ganja Man (S.P.Y & Total Science Remix)
Ganja Man - S.P.Y. and Total Science Remix
Ganja Man - Jaydan Remix
Original Juggling
This Sound Is For The Undergro
Ganja Man (Jaydan Remix)
Studio One
The Slammer (Original mix)
The License (Breaks Remix)
The License (Doctor P Remix Extended)
Manic Stampede - DJ Hype's Sandringham Road Mix
Ganjaman (DJ Hype Remix)
Ruffneck Scouts
The License (Footwork Edit)
Brok Out
Ganja Man (original version)
Krome & Time Megamix