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Albums by this artist:

Strange (feat. Hillary Smith)
Forever Spring
Brothers Talk
Flawless My Dear
We Could Form An Attachment
Wake The Neighbors
When You Are Alone
Love is A Choice
The Latest Whistledown
Simon and Lady Danbury
Call Me Simon
A Grand Finish
What Women Do Best
Sommerset House
Come With Me
Feeling Exceptional
Shock and Delight
One Last Dance
All is Fair in Love and War
A Love Based on Friendship
881 7th Ave
Miserable Together, Happy Apart
I Feel Fine
Dr. Shirley's Luggage
What You Saw Was A Lie
Dear Dolores
It Was Me
The Duel
Blue Skies
Water Boy
Field Workers
I Got A Call / The Exception
Vacation Without Aggravation
Makeup For Wounds / It's A Complicated World
Governor on the Line
Need Some Sleep
Cultural Imports
Vices And Virtues
Make The First Move
Forever Wonder
Thanks Officer
Happy Talk
Thank You For The Letters
If You Want Me To
What's Stopping Us
Ways Of Light