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Albums by this artist:

Midget Fucker
Zombified Infanticide
Stench Of Putrid Innards
Human Flesh Devourment
Double Barrel Penetration
Perverted Sensation
Rectal Disembowelment
Excremental Maniac
Shemale Throatfuck
Post Mortal Fixation
Reverse Abortion
Severed Stump Fistfuck
Stillborn Necrotic Fuck Feast
Bursting Rectal Sores
Pleasure Through Horrendous Torture
Masturbation With Fermented Entrails
Crack Whore Pounding
Compulsive Mutilation Disorder
Slurping the Vaginal Pus
Slammed Kranial Remains
Blood Splattered Satisfaction
a pitbull ate my hamster
Coprophagial Asphyxiation
Aborted S.O.B
Sculptures of Perverse Suffering
Sodomie Lacerate And Murder
Baptized in Boiling Sewage
Orgy of Cannibalistic Fornication
Rock Filled Orifice
Bound to Kill
Split her head in half
Perverted Sensation (Bonus Track)
Human Skin Fuck Doll
Hung by your entrails
Entrails Full of Vermin (Abominable Putridity Cover)
To Fuck The Dead
Necrophilic Butchery
Horrendous Torture (Bonus Tr..
Destined For Surgical Defilement
Blob Of Inhuman Metamorphic Transfusion
Razor Wire Sodomy
Chronicles of Perversion
Chowing On Rectal Discharge
Diarrhoea induced gag reflex
Gratification Through Annihilation
Rusty Knife Defloration