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Albums by this artist:

The Realest Song
Bruk Off Yuh Back
Pull Up to Mi Bumper
Rasta Imposter
Gal a Bubble
pretty devil
Get Money
Late Night
In a Club (Sip Up!)
Cadillac'n 2006
Back 2 Basics
(Bonus Track) Blown
Gal a Bubble - Raw
Double Life Grind
Do Sum'n
Got No Love
I Know (Island Glue)
Simple Song
Stop Sign - Raw
Show Yourself
Do Sumn
Bad Girl
Gun shot a fire
Gun Shot a Fire - Raw
Let Me Know
I Wanna Be the One
It Feel Good
Straight Forward
Like Woow
Bruk Off Yuh Back (feat. Chris Brown)
Turn Me On
The Chosen One
World Citizen
Stop Sign
Walk and Wine (Gal a Bubble 3)
No Oh
Big Belly (feat. Rick Ross & Rvssian)
God I Pray
Jamaican Dance
We No Worry 'Bout Them
How It Feel
This Means Money
All Day In
Rasta Imposter Remix