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Albums by this artist:

Pussy Is God
Ain't Together
Upper West Side
Cheap Queen
Hit the Back
I Know (feat. Fiona Apple) - RISE Recording
If You Think It's Love
Only Time Makes It Human
Useless Phrases
Femme Fatale - RISE Recording
Tough On Myself
Make My Bed
Do You Wanna See Me Crying?
House Burn Down
Trust Nobody
Watching My Phone
You Destroyed My Heart
Back of a Cab
Happy Together
Isabel's Moment (feat. Tobias Jesso Jr.)
Best Friend
All Dressed In White
Isabel's Moment (feat. Tobias Jesso, Jr.)
Forget About It (feat. Banoffee)
Hit The Back - Channel Tres Remix
PAIN - Avalon Emerson's Quarter Alpha Mix
Only Time Makes It Human - Kitty Ca$h Remix
Isabel's Moment
PAIN - Avalon Emerson's Half Dub
Only Time Makes It Human - The Blessed Madonna Remix
1950 [Explicit]
House Burn Down - Single
Only Time Makes It Human - Yoseppi Remix
Send Pix
Forget About It
Hit The Back (Channel Tres Remix)
1950 (Frank Walker Remix)
Playboy School Of Pop
King Princess - 1950
‎Only Time Makes It Human
P***y Is God