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Albums by this artist:

Pussy Is God
Ain't Together
Upper West Side
Cheap Queen
Hit the Back
I Know (feat. Fiona Apple) - RISE Recording
If You Think It's Love
Useless Phrases
Femme Fatale - RISE Recording
Make My Bed
Tough On Myself
Only Time Makes It Human
Do You Wanna See Me Crying?
Trust Nobody
Watching My Phone
You Destroyed My Heart
Isabel's Moment (feat. Tobias Jesso Jr.)
Back of a Cab
Happy Together
Best Friend
All Dressed In White
Isabel's Moment (feat. Tobias Jesso, Jr.)
Forget About It (feat. Banoffee)
Hit The Back - Channel Tres Remix
PAIN - Avalon Emerson's Quarter Alpha Mix
Only Time Makes It Human - Kitty Ca$h Remix
Isabel's Moment
PAIN - Avalon Emerson's Half Dub
Only Time Makes It Human - The Blessed Madonna Remix
1950 [Explicit]
Send Pix
Only Time Makes It Human - Yoseppi Remix
Forget About It
Hit The Back (Channel Tres Remix)
1950 (Frank Walker Remix)
Playboy School Of Pop
‎Only Time Makes It Human
King Princess - 1950
Hit The Back (Dance )
P***y Is God
Tiny Desk (Home) Concert