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Albums by this artist:

Bats In The Attic
John Taylor's Month Away
Running On Fumes
Your Young Voice
Bats In The Attic (Unravelled)
Aurora Boring Alias
Third Swan - single version
John Taylor's Month Away - Single Version
Bubble - single edit
Starboard Home - single version
Bubble (single edit)
Circle My Demise
I've Been Losing You (Originally by A-Ha)
John Taylor's Month Away (Single Version)
I've Been Losing You
Bats In The Atic
John Taylor’s Month Away
Bats In The Attic - Unravelled
I Have Been Losing You (A-ha cover)
I've Been Losing You (Live)
NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts
Third Swan (single version)
I've Been Losing You (A-ha cover)
Diamond Mine (Full)
I Saw Three Ships
Starboard Home (Single Version)
I've Been Losing You (Saturday Sessions 2011)
ref/1908511, Bats In The Attic,ref/1908511
Bubble (Record for Radio 4)
Bats In The Attic (Radio Edit)
ref/1908511, John Taylor's Month Away,ref/1908511
And The Racket They Made
06 Your Own Spell
02 John Taylors Month Away
Joh Taylors Month Away
Bubble (Diamond Mine Teaser)
Circle My Demise [Clock Remix]
ref/1908511, Bubble
Bubble (Single Version)