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Black Rivers - In My Mind
Collar Up
Black Rivers (In My Mind)
Maybe Maybe Not
Feed The Light
Heidke - Can't Shake It
Heidke - The Last Day On Earth
Heidke - Caught in the Crowd
Black Rivers
Heidke - Little Water Song
Heidke - The Devil Wears a Suit
Fortify (Original mix)
Heidke - The Tiger Inside Will Eat the Child
Make Me a Song
Write Your Name on Me
Search Me
Back in the Hands
Collar Up (Belanger remix)
Lead Me
Did I Forget to Mention
Mix Up [Set Recorded for triple j, 2017)
Fine Wine
White Winter Hymnal
Surround Me
The Last Day On Earth
Collar Up (Monsieur Adi Remix)
Heidke - Sarah
Can't Shake It
Heidke "Ride This Feeling"
Caught In The Crowd
Walking on a dream (SPEAKa remix)
Heidke "The Devil Wears A Suit"
Let Freedom Ring
Heidke "Yours Was The Body"
Heidke "The Last Day On Earth"
Maybe, Maybe Not
Everybody's Changing (Keane Cover)
Killer Cast (July 2014)
Groove Podcast 63
Are You Ready?
Heidke - Space They Cannot Touch
Heidke "Words"