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As I Slither
The Ambassador of Pain
Taking The World By Storm
Let Them Burn
Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)
To Reign Again
The Resurrected
Blood on the Swans
It Turns To Rust
Open Scars
The Road to Devastation
Serenity in Fire
In Words Of Desperation
The Night They Returned
Blood In Heaven
10 Seconds from the End
For All Our Sins
Crippled And Broken
The Tragedy I Preach
As Death Lingers
In Shadows & Dust
Beyond Salvation
To The Throne Of Sorrow
Under the Bleeding Sun
Breathe To Dominate
Push the Venom
Bound In Chains
Chronicles Of The Damned
Tear Down The Kingdom
Face The Face Of War
Manipulator of Souls
The Vultures Are Watching
Crippled & Broken
The Chains of Power
In Shadows and Dust
A Soulless God
At The Edge Of The World
Centuries (Beneath The Dark Waters)
The Black Sheep
The Last Effort (Renaissance II)
Il Diavolo In Me
Temptations Nest
Damnation Is Here
Where the enemy sleeps...
Faith Made Of Shrapnel
Hail The Renegade
Determined (Vows Of Vengeance)