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Albums by this artist:

Face Looks Better
Memories of a Devastated Cyborg - Wahrlich & Carbon's Testosteron Remix
The Dose
Memories of a Devastated Cyborg
Conform (Maksim Dark Remix)
Black Hole
Dark Seduction (Maksim Dark's Engine Remix)
Conform (Felix Lorusso Remix)
Dark Seduction (Memnok Remix)
Dark Seduction (Original Mix)
Dark Seduction (Ixel Remix)
Anger (Tiari Remix)
Anger (Johnny Aemkel Deep Dark Remix)
Dark Seduction
Anger (Original Mix)
Conform - Felix Lorusso Remix
Face Looks Better - Monocraft Remix
Dark Seduction (Wahrlich & Carbon Remix)
Anger (Felix Lorusso Remix)
Dark Tool
Memories of a Devastated Cyborg - James Unk Remix
The Wizard in Us
The Wizard in Us - Insect Elektrika's Fill In Mix
Anger (BeCoolMan Re-edit)
Conform (Brojanowski's Sexy Stomp Remix)
Trip to Thar
Used (Mordred's Rework)
Used (Yoma Remix)
Conform - Maksim Dark Remix
Decent Trip - Rato & Light Breath Remix
Simple Paranoia
Used (Hefty's Deep Space Remix)
Used (Ixel Remix)
Flight Nails - Original Mix
Used (Splatter Remix)
Black Hole (Original Mix)
Trip to Thar - Dubit Remix
Aurora (Urbano Remix)
Conform (Maksim Dark Remremixix)
Mescaline Cowboy (Maksim Dark Remix)
Decent Trip - Original Mix
dark seduction_original mix
Aurora (Original Mix) - Original Mix