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Albums by this artist:

Vista Point
Vista Point (Reprise)
Title Theme
Sad Strings
Orc Camp
The Dig
Welcome To Varant
Divine Powers
Vengard Theme
Desert Sun
The End
Myrtana Explore
Open Intro
Xardas Tower Indoor
Trelis Liberate
Xardas Tower Surrounding
Northmar Explore
Omnious Woods
Intro Orcs
Xardas Tower
Main Theme
Ominous Woods
From Silden To Trelis
Nature 1 Theme
The Beach
Opening Sequence
The Harbor City
The Island
Exploring Myrtana
Risen Title Theme
Dark Presence
Nature 2 Theme
The Volcanic Fortress
The Island At Night
The Harbor City At Night
The Beach - Fight
Northmar (Upper Level)
The Holy Fire
The Creation Of The Barrier
The Don's Camp
The Great Swamp
On the Way to Monastery
The Old Camp