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Albums by this artist:

Little Talks
You Will Never Be
Everything Has Changed
Safe and Sound
When I Look At You (Acoustic Version - originally by Miley Cyrus)
The Hardest Thing
The Photograph
If I Die Young
Far Away (ft. Kevin Littlefield)
When I Look At You
When You Were My Man (When I Was Your Man)
Still into You
You Will Never Be (Acoustic)
Habits (Stay High)
Let Him Go
Airliner (Acoustic)
Girl Crush
Mine (acoustic cover as originally performed by Taylor Swift)
Misery Ft. Eppic (originally performed by Maroon 5)
Heart Attack
The a Team
Sparks Fly - Acoustic
Dear John
Should've Run
If I Were a Boy
I Want Crazy
Call It What You Want
Lego House
There's No Way
Wide Awake
Mine Would Be You
Far Away
Stupid Boy
Misery (originally by Maroon 5)
You Don't Know Him Like I Do
The One That Got Away
Mine - acoustic
New Year's Day
Better Man
Let It Go
I Won't Give Up
One Thing