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Albums by this artist:

Into the Night
The Nightingale
Rockin' Back Inside My Heart
Mysteries of Love
The World Spins
I Remember
I Float Alone
The Swan
Questions in a World of Blue
Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
This Is Our Night
The Space for Love
Movin' in on You
In My Other World
Friends for Life
She Would Die for Love
Until the End of the World
Kool Kat Walk
The Voice of Love
Up in Flames
Say Goodbye - Losoul »she's Homeless« Mix
You're Staring At Me
Falling (Twin Peaks Theme)
Everybody Knows
The Orbiting Beatnik
Three Jack Swing
Slow Hot Wind
Beachcomber Voodoo
Cha Cha In The Dark
9th Ave. Limbo
The Fire In Me
The Art Of Being A Girl
Up In Flames - Live
Falling In Love...
Floating - Demo
Twin Peaks Theme
The Orbiting Beatnik (For Keith)
Falling - Demo
Say Goodbye
Falling in Love
My Secret Life
Falling (Julee Cruise) - Twin Peaks
It's the End of the World as We Know It...
I'm Crazy
Mystereees Of Love (Excepter Remix)
A Fatal Beating