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Albums by this artist:

Constant Headache
Falling in Love Again
Beach Community
Leather Jacket
Orange Julius
Constant Nothing
Catalina Fight Song
Heart Tattoo
Christmas Card
Famous Friend
21st Dead Rats
Ashtray Petting Zoo
End of the Summer
Call Out
The Jerk
Last You Heard Of Me
These Kind of Ice Skates
In the Army Now
Heated Swimming Pool
Comfortable Clothes
Video Killed The Radio Star
Fake I.D.
Violent Inside
If I Needed You There
Bride of Usher
I'm Always Tired
Five Beer Plan
Big Lie
Done Right Discount Flooring
Think I'm Still In Love With You
Angel In The Snow
See How Tame I Can Be?
Do You Really Want To Not Get Better?
Million Dollars To Kill Me
Make Me Dumb
Call Out (Laundry)
This Song Is A Mess But So Am I
Over Before It Began
Reversing Machine
House Warning Party
New In This Light
Holiday Heart
Fighting Kangaroo