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Albums by this artist:

Still Alive
Code Monkey
Re: Your Brains
I Feel Fantastic
Skullcrusher Mountain
Baby Got Back
Chiron Beta Prime
The Future Soon
Tom Cruise Crazy
Creepy Doll
First of May
Shop Vac
Mandelbrot Set
I'm Your Moon
You Ruined Everything
Mr. Fancy Pants
I Crush Everything
When You Go
A Talk With George
My Monkey
The Presidents
Still Alive (Featuring Sara Quin)
Podsafe Christmas Song
Big Bad World One
Christmas Is Interesting
The Town Crotch
Sticking It to Myself
Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance
Kenesaw Mountain Landis
Drinking with You
Millionaire Girlfriend
Someone Is Crazy
That Spells DNA
Not About You
Soft Rocked By Me
Want You Gone
Nemeses (Featuring John Roderick)
Artificial Heart
Furry Old Lobster
Stroller Town
Famous Blue Raincoat
See You All in Hell
Betty and Me
W's Duty
Good Morning Tucson