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Albums by this artist:

Black Magic
Habits (Stay High)
On My Mind (with JC Stewart)
Thinkin Bout You
All Night & Every Day
Top Of The World (feat. Duncan Townsend)
Black Magic - Tim Croft Remix
Habits (Stay High) - Acoustic
On My Mind - Danny Byrd Remix
Let it Be Me (feat. Naum)
My Love For You
Black Magic - HUGEL Remix
Everywhere (feat. Eskeemo)
On My Mind - Crvvcks Remix
Habits (Stay High) - Mike Mago Remix
LA City Limits (feat. Emy Perez)
I Hate Goodbyes
On My Mind - Acoustic Version
Black Magic - SHOSH Remix
On My Mind - Anton Powers Remix
All Night & Every Day - HEATT Remix
On My Mind
Habits (Stay High) - Clear Six Remix
Black Magic - Acoustic
All Night & Every Day - Billen Ted Remix
Zombie (Record Mix)
All Night & Every Day - Jonasu 3AM Mix
Wannabe - Radio Edit
2. Black Magic
Top of the World
3. Black Magic
Black Magic - HUGEL Extended Remix
Habits (Stay High) - Qubiko Remix
All Night & Every Day - Ikky Remix
6. Black Magic
10. Black Magic
9. Black Magic
Black Magic (Tim Croft Remix)
All Night Every Day
5. Black Magic
Black Magic (Record Mix)
Let it Be Me
LA City Limits
8. Black Magic
Black Magic (Acoustic)
On My Mind (Acoustic Version)
Black Magic (SHOSH Remix)