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We Need Love
Ice Cream Love
Truth And Rights
Water Pumping
Buddy Bye
Jah Promise
Jungle Buddy Bye (Hiroo Onoda Dub)
Budy Bye
Nyah Man
Kiss Somebody
Ready or Not
No Ice Cream Sound
Nightfall Dubbing
Truths and Rights
Fally Ranking
Children Are Crying
Can't Buy Love
Marijuana Tree
Eternal Peace
Truths & Rights
Come Back Darling
Love Is Universal
In Your Eyes
Ringcraft Dub
Back Off Ringcraft
Nah Skin Up
Girl of My Complexion
Sing Jah Stylee
Right, Right Time
Folly Ranking
Love Jah So
No Lollipop No Sweet So
Let Me In
Trench Town School
Can't Leave Jah
Kiss Kiss Dub
Man of Jahoviah
Jungle Buddy Bye
People A Watch Me
People Are You Ready
Love Comes and Goes
Never Stop Fighting
Live Right
Mr Marshall
Give A Little Love