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Rocky Mountain Way
Life's Been Good
Turn to Stone
A Life Of Illusion
Ordinary Average Guy
Help Me Thru The Night
Two Sides To Every Story
Rocky Mountain Way - Live At Santa Monica Civic Auditorium/1976
The Confessor
Walk Away
Look At Us Now
You Might Need Somebody
All Night Long
Welcome To The Club
Mother Says
County Fair
Time Out
Comin' Down
Here We Go
All Night Laundry Mat Blues
Over And Over
In The City - From "The Warriors" Soundtrack
Midnight Visitor
I'm Actin' Different
Funk #49
At the Station
Book Ends
Analog Man
Happy Ways
Indian Summer
Midnight Moodies
All Of A Sudden
Up All Night
The Gamma Goochee
Rosewood Bitters
In The City
One Day At A Time
Lucky That Way
Second Hand Store
School Days
Where I Grew Up (Prelude to School Days)
Wrecking Ball
Theme From Boat Weirdos
Rivers (Of The Hidden Funk)
Falling Down
Funk 50