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Rocky Mountain Way
Life's Been Good
Turn to Stone
A Life Of Illusion
Ordinary Average Guy
Help Me Thru The Night
Two Sides To Every Story
Rocky Mountain Way - Live At Santa Monica Civic Auditorium/1976
The Confessor
Walk Away
Look At Us Now
You Might Need Somebody
All Night Long
Welcome To The Club
Mother Says
County Fair
In The City - From "The Warriors" Soundtrack
Time Out
Comin' Down
Over And Over
Here We Go
All Night Laundry Mat Blues
Midnight Visitor
I'm Actin' Different
Funk #49
At the Station
Book Ends
Analog Man
Indian Summer
Happy Ways
Midnight Moodies
All Of A Sudden
One Day At A Time
Up All Night
The Gamma Goochee
Rosewood Bitters
Second Hand Store
In The City
Lucky That Way
School Days
Theme From Boat Weirdos
Wrecking Ball
Where I Grew Up (Prelude to School Days)
Rivers (Of The Hidden Funk)
Falling Down
Funk 50