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Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
Gimmie That Girl
She Only Smokes When She Drinks
The Impossible
I'll Wait for You
What's A Guy Gotta Do
Size Matters (Someday)
Another Side Of You
It Ain't No Crime
Cool To Be A Fool
Sunny and 75
I Hate the Way I Love You
If Nobody Believed In You
She Could Care Less
Wal-mart Parking Lot
Joe's Place
Let's Get Drunk And Fight
Real Things
As Country as She Gets
Freedom Feels Like Lonely
Honky Tonk Girl
Who Are You When I'm Not Looking
To Tell You the Truth, I Lied
The Shape I'm In
Take It Off - Single Version
Hard to Be Cool
Six of One, Half A Dozen (Of the Other)
That's What Love'll Get You
That Would Be Her
Leave the Past Behind
Everything's A Thing
Can't Hold A Halo To You
Old Cheyenne
Man With A Memory
The Shape I'm In - Radio Version
All I Need Is A Heart
Life Don't Have To Mean Nothin' At All
My Old Friend the Blues
In Spite of Myself
She's All Lady
Take It Off
Size Matters
All Good Things
Comin' Back In A Cadillac
Just a Little More
My Whiskey Years
The Difference Is Night And Day