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Albums by this artist:

Bertha Come Back
A Better Hold (And a Little View)
All Over Too Soon
Masquerade at the White Palace
Do the Pigworm
No New Games to Play
Sweet Marie
Sweet Revelation
Another Telephone Call
Island Town
Time to Make a Stand
That's the Way It Goes
Corporal Punishment
Resigned to Surrender
No More Terra Firma
Knockknockknock (The Revolution Of Love)
Goddammaddog (The Horse)
Skobiit Party Civilised Session
Earring Is Believing
Just My Situation
Warm Rumours
Currently Cheesing
No Flies on Auntie
Dust My Shovel
No New Games
Harmless Vibration
Wicked Ivory
Sunday in Gopher Gulch
Cosmic Rot
Tiptoe Through the Graveyard
The Decline Of The House of Lords
Fifty-Six Bars
4 Million Telephones
Lost without a trace
Party upstairs
A Grim Affair
Grass for Blades
Think About It
Flagships On The Sun
Ragin' Sky
Emma's Song
Drinks At The Cairo Bar
Money Is King
Long Lost Cousin
The Happiest Days Of Your Life
Timo to Make a Stand
Hardtop Lincoln